As I grow older…

…I find it increasingly difficult to see a reasonable recent photo of myself. After all, there is considerably less attractive material to work with as the years go by.

Here, however, are a couple of not bad ones at the opening of the most recent Rimbun Dahan Art Exhibition last weekend, taken by Bilqis Hijjas.Above: Self with the organiser of the residency, Angela Hijjas
And with another fellow Australian, Pam Bakhtiar.

I fell in love with the botanical work of one of the artists, Lauren Black. Take a look at the links above…
I wish I had the money to buy a couple. But alas, they are about the same price as I get in advance for a trilogy.


As I grow older… — 6 Comments

  1. Nice pictures, both of you and by Lauren Black. I know what you mean, getting a decent pic of oneself these days is pretty difficult. At least you are nice and slim Glenda, wish I could say the same for myself.

  2. laughing at what you say about the material to work with as i feel that all the time!

    you look lovely though in these photos

    you have a great characterful face and a big smile, and i’ve always said that intelligence is the best thing a woman can put on her face

  3. I like the bit about the best thing to put on one’s face, but the way my memory plays up these days, I may not have much intelligence left to put anywhere soon! *g*

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