The Vacant Throne: Joshua Palmatier

This year, from time to time, I shall be posting some news about some of my fellow writers from Science Fiction and Fantasy Novelists. We are a community of some 100+ writers – varying from paranormal romance to hard SF novelists.

Check them out from time to time if you are looking for something to read. As I say, we represent a wide range of the genre, and there will be something there for everybody!

I met Josh Palmatier during Worldcon in Denver when we were on a panel together and he had some interesting things to say. As I recall it was about using myths in fantasy…

The third volume of his trilogy The Throne of Amenkor, The Vacant Throne, is coming out on January 6th, hence this mention now. If you are one of those folk who like to wait until all the books are out, now’s the time to buy the whole trilogy!

Here are some of the things his fellow writers said about the first volume in the trilogy:

A gritty, edgy, unsettling book. This tough young woman makes her choices in a world where good and evil often look like twins. I was riveted by her story!” —Tamora Pierce

“Joshua Palmatier has written a vivid, passionate story about a tough-minded heroine fighting for survival. What makes her especially compelling is her own struggle to understand right and wrong, and to confront what necessity can force you to do. This promising first novel should lead to equally confident sequels.” —Kate Elliott

“For those who like their fantasy gritty and real, without sugarcoating, Joshua Palmatier’s “The Skewed Throne” is a gift. With not a dragon or an unicorn in sight, it’s the people and the places where they live that matter in here – Varis is a strong and sympathetic heroine, even the walk-on arts have their own story, and the city of Amenkor has earned a place of its own in the atlas of fantasy lands.” —Alma Alexander

To help you make up your mind, there are extracts up now:
Book One: The Skewed Throne
Book Two: The Cracked Throne
Book Three: The Vacant Throne

Joshua’s webpage is here and his blog is here.


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  1. Thanks for another recommendation Glenda. I will be looking out for those three books. I agree, I prefer a trilogy or series already completed due to my advanced years!! I might not make it to the end of a series, or the author may not of course, like Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. I am beginning to wonder about George Martin’s series too, nothing out there for a while.

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