My husband is in Western Australia at the moment. In fact he is visiting Laverton, of all places. Believe me, that’s a town that doesn’t exactly have a thriving tourism industry, being somewhere N.E. of Kalgoorlie. (Congratulations if you can find it in your atlas!)

Enough to make me homesick though. The photos above – taken around Lake Grace area last year – might make folk from greener parts of the world wonder just what it is that Australians find attractive in their landscape – but we do. Or at least I do.

The lake, if I am not mistaken, is actually Lake Dumbleyung, site of the the 1964 water speed record set by Donald Campbell. Yeah, it had a bit more water in it then.


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  1. I have a calendar that Annalou sent me and I was surprised just how much green there is in Oz. Although I love the pictures of the Flinders Ranges which are more like looking at Uluru in colour. Some of the pictures you posted of WA were very green I seem to remember.

  2. I’ve never been to Laverton – the closest would be passing through Kal on the train and doing the customary town tour of the mines and red light district:-)

    In the mid nineties I spent three and half years overseas and was amazed by the beauty of many places I saw. But when I returned I travelled from Brisbane to Perth via the coast and it struck me that we have sights here to rival the world’s best. Yes, Oz is a lovely country and I hope we manage to keep it that way despite climate change and greed and graft.

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