Daily walk

We have had to change the place and time of our daily walk, because of the car break-ins. (It is difficult to go for a walk near out house because there are no footpaths/sidewalks, so we take a short drive first.)

But the new walk – besides having a secure place to park – has its compensations. If we go very early or late, then we are surrounded by the calls of not one, but two species of nightjars, and we see them in flight against the dawn or dusk sky. During the day, there are monkeys, barbets, Hill Mynas, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, gerygones, bulbuls, shrikes, monitor lizards.
I took the camera one day, and these photos are the result. The flower above is the one of those covering a huge tree with blossom (see second photo.) The birds with the water buffalo are migratory Cattle Egrets (no need to wonder why they are called that). And below is a sadder shot – roadkill, a civet. The same species we have in our ceiling.


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  1. Even your roadkill is exotic. Nice pictures again Glenda, fascinating flower, very big isn’t it?

    Wish I could go for walks, unfortuantely I can wander for a very short distance, but not “walk” any more. Must be wonderful to see all the birds and animals you list. I guess to a non North American our birds and animals are exotic too. I still thrill at the sight of a chipmunk.

  2. I couldn’t believe how SMALL chipmunks were when I first saw them in a Boston Park. We have some small squirrels here too, but somehow – from the cartoon Chip n Dale – I got the impression of large things.

    Did you know that Australia has no squirrels?

  3. No I didn’t. Not something I had really thought about before either. I guess they have so many different animals not seen anywhere else in the world.

  4. Hello !
    Waou ! you are again always very active ! it’s cool ^^

    I can see i’m not the only one to get some shot about dead animals !That is not my main interrest but it’s part of our life, why should i censor myself ?
    I feel less stupid and less like an alien now ! thx ^^
    I can find many animals dead on the roads, what a pity : squirrel, cats, birds, and hedgehogs, rats, mice.

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