And second draft is finished.

Tomorrow the third begins.

The second draft had much cut and much added – it ended up with an increment of 4,500 words.

How do I feel it is shaping up? Not bad. Still a long way to go, but fundamentally I think I have the story right, the flow right, good character interaction. What’s left is finding the minor plot holes, fixing the time line to make sure the continuity is right, and getting the language correct.

That’s all. Yeah, right. Wait till the beta readers have their say!

And I got five weeks… Trouble is, I have other stuff to do in the next five weeks too. I have two trips (one unpaid environmental work, one pleasure,) and my house looks as if it needs an army squad to get it clean.


And second draft is finished. — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, forget the housework. It will wait. The book is much more important – and who knows the trips might be just what you need to help you focus.

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