The beautiful Prevost’s Squirrel, about 500mm or 20 inches long, taken by my husband at Tasek Chini, Pahang. They are even more gorgeous when you see the lovely reddish tummies they have. They always seem playful too, delighting in chasing one another. (Ok, it’s maybe territorial ferocity or sexual harrassment or something, but it looks like play!)


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  1. What gorgeous critters! I saw one something like that in Thailand – sadly, in a cage on a hotel’s reception desk:-(

  2. Just my words Satima, gorgeous critters. We only get the plain old greys, no, sorry we do get the blacks too which are pretty. Like you, it looks like play to me Glenda.

  3. Lovely! We only get the greys – practically everywhere – and reds in some protected areas. Sadly, though, I haven’t seen a red in years 🙁

  4. Taffy eh? I used to live in Kent and I was born near Manchester many a long year ago.

    Glenda, do the squirrels behave like the squirrels we know, or are their behaviours different, i.e. burying acorns, making drays in trees, etc. etc.

  5. Brilliant photos. Squirrels always seem so alert – and busy. As a child I used to love watching the resident colony that runs wild in the zoo grounds. Not very ecologically sound but entertaining.

  6. Sorry correcting typos.

    I didn’t realise this had happened in Oz Glenda, nor did I realise you had “apologised” for it on behalf of your country. However, Oz was not the first and probably not the last. Look at the thousands of Greek kids who were shipped (stolen) into Albania at the end of the second world war. The Greeks still bear a lot of resentment about this whole episode.

  7. Squirrels are pretty much the same everywhere – although in the tropics they don’t have much need to bury food for the winter months!

  8. Dlliott, I was in Marple, Cheshire, a few years ago, but haven’t been to Manchester since I was a kid.

    Glenda” Being something of a dummy, it never occurred to me there were different looking squirrels in different parts of the world. I thought red and grey (the blacks are apparently really grey ones) and that was it.

  9. In Peninsular Malaysia alone there are at least 25 species of squirrel – probably more – I just did a quick count of the fieldguide, including many flying squirrels.

    And I think I read somewhere that we have over 100 species of bats…

  10. Well, yes, I guess flying squirrels I knew about and accepted. But 25 species, I had no idea. Didn’t know there were so many bat species either although did know there were several.

    I like to think myself fairly well versed about critters, but looks like I ain’t as good as I think I am.

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