Nine months more

…until Book 1 of Random Rain is published. Sounds like a baby’s gestation. Would you believe, discussion is still ongoing what to call it? Things get a bit complicated too, when there is more than one parent publisher involved in different countries.

Today, though, I felt as if another milestone was reached. There was some discussion about the cover and I know who is the artist for one of the publishers involved, and the name has blown my mind… wow.

I am officially getting excited – but birth publication day is still so far off! How can I keep my cool that long? I feel like a kid finding out on Boxing Day that Christmas only comes once a year.

Or a woman realising she’s got to be pregnant for nine whole months…


Nine months more — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, you’ve done this before, remember?:-) Three months of anxiety and morning sickness, three months of feeling not-too-bad and three months of feeling a great deal of pressure. And impatience!:-)

  2. Presumably with the birth of a printed baby you won’t get the morning sickness. You might get more worry out of it though. At least you know you have lots of people ready to help it spread its wings once it is born.

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