A few random statistics

  • I have read at least 60 books (other than my own) so far this year.
  • This is the first year ever that I have actually kept a record.
  • I am sure I have missed some too, but more than a book a week is not too bad, considering that some of those books were very large tomes…
  • I expect I will read another four or so before years end.
  • I suspect that I read less then I used to because I read so much on the internet these days.
  • In the past 4 months I have had people (or bots??) from 107 different countries visit this blog.
  • 38% of those visitors were from either Australia or USA, who were almost equal in number.
  • Malaysia and UK, also almost equal in number, provided another 22% of visitors.
  • i.e. Australia, USA, Malaysia and UK made up 60% of my visitors.
  • A few of the most surprising places that registered a hit: Bhutan, Mali, Maldives, Virgin Islands… *Glenda waves*
  • I have visited Europe, USA and Australia this year. Crickey. No wonder my bank account looks so sick.


A few random statistics — 1 Comment

  1. I’m hurt, you didn’t mention Canada *g*, I guess you don’t get too many of us from here. I originated in the UK so maybe I count under that section.

    I haven’t a clue how many books I have read this year, maybe I should try keeping a count next year, would be interesting. It is true, one reads a lot on the net so less on paper.

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