Mixed bag

Younger Daughter arrives for a week’s visit. Yay!
Civets are having another family in the roof. Argumentive kids, squeaking nonstop. Darn.
House needs cleaning. Yuk.
Mosque imans over in Terengganu state are to give sermons on protecting endangered species, especially turtles. Overdue, but great news!

Oh, and do you think we could have a fatwa against eating turtle eggs, instead of one against doing yoga? After all, if your activities are sending something into extinction, aren’t you saying something derogatory about God and his ideas of creation and biodiversity?

Yeah, well, I think I am ahead of my time on that one.

Pix: Black Swans on a bird reserve near Esperance, West Australia. Taken April 2008.


Mixed bag — 1 Comment

  1. Oh I like that idea for a Fatwah, you are so right. Here turtle eggs are collected for safe hatching.

    You will enjoy your daughter’s visit.

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