Come to Malaysia, guys…

On the last day of the ecotourism conference (at which I was speaking on the potential of birdwatching in mangrove areas) we had dinner by the swimming pool under the moon and stars…and watched cultural dances (Malay in the bright colours, Orang Asli – aboriginal- in the browns and gold with the raffia and mask). Nice evening.Lots of people were talking about the US election – I haven’t yet met anyone who wanted the Republicans to win. Not one.

Amazing how much music you can make using nothing more than a few pieces of wood…


Come to Malaysia, guys… — 3 Comments

  1. There were any number of Americans who wanted McCain to win, especially in the south. We know quite a few people who are not happy campers at the moment. Bearing in mind how many votes McCain did get, they are not alone. Only time will tell what kind of a president he will be.

    Loved your pix. You really did have a good time.

  2. Ecotourism sounds good to me ^^
    I would love that and discover Malaysia, but i’m afraid i have to wait for it until i’m earning lots of money ^^

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