Malaysian authors and readings

Last Saturday I went to the readings at Seksan’s where Malaysian authors read from their works. It was an especial pleasure to hear both Preeta Samarasan and Shamini Flint give a reading – both are Malaysians hitting the big time internationally, well deserved in both cases, and great to see.

Read all about it from Sharon here on Bibliobibuli, and if you are interested in the KL literary scene, or Asian literature generally, and you don’t read Sharon’s blog, you’re crazy. It is one of the best blogs around.

Oh, and Sharon stuck a pix of me at the event there too. She’s a real menace with a camera…


Malaysian authors and readings — 4 Comments

  1. many thanks for the plug … andyou look lovely.

    i was so happy to see you there and hope to coax you to read for us. i have a slot nov 29th if you’d like to come?

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