Travelling in California…

A few shots of the trip north from L.A. Just to remind you how dry this state is – and how important water is and will be in the future of the world.

Well, Yosemite was not the easiest place to get internet connection, hence the hiatus. We actually stayed outside the park as there was no non-camping accommodation inside, and we were not geared up for camping. So we spent 2 nights in Fish Camp at a place called White Chief Mountain Lodge, believe it or not. It’s a town with a general store (see photo below).We were very late leaving L.A. – spent the morning stuffing envelopes (don’t ask) so we travelled the latter part of the journey in the dark (no moon but the stars were great) through forest. I was actually editing something for friend of older daughter on an I-phone while we went. She sent an email, I edited it by phone. This kind of technology blows my mind – there we are, travelling miles from anywhere, in the pitch dark, and we get an email. How cool is that??

More tomorrow, about Yosemite. Place with a big WOW factor.


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