Title troubles settled

As some of you may remember, the titles for the three books of my present trilogy presented me with a problem. I can write a 180,000 word book, but I can’t come up with a three word title. Or more or less words than three. At least, not without help.

So with the help of an agent and two editors (they all rock) from two different countries, it seems we have finally found something that all of us like. And glory be, they are not as yet used by half a dozen genre writers and film-makers, although there is a spy thriller with a name that comes close to the final book title.

So here is the unveiling…

Trilogy name: RANDOM RAIN




Title troubles settled — 9 Comments

  1. Glad you like them! I am going to have to make a couple of adjustments to the vocabulary used in the text to account for the titles, but I think they will work well. Whew!

  2. Didn’t grab me at first, but if you change the language in the way I suspect, then it’ll work fine. Pity you couldn’t name the second book ‘Stormbringer’ 🙂

    Here’s hoping they all take the market by storm.


  3. Wouldn’t it have been a great title, Phill? And Stormbreaker too for the final book – but that’s been pinched too, quite lately, although by a thriller writer not a sff master.

  4. Ooh, I like these new titles! But I do still like ‘Rogue Rainlord’ and ‘Stormshifter’ as well, lol.

    May I also ask, is it, like, a breach of copyright or something if an author publishes a book that has the same title as another published book? Or is it just frowned upon/discouraged? Lol.

    I can’t wait to read them :D!


  5. Well, it’s considered bad marketing more than anything else.The US market never seems too troubled by what happens elsewhere, mind you, and will publish a book with the same title as, say, an Australian one.

    Generally, if it is a title of a not particularly popular book published more than 10 years ago and now out of print, no one worries too much. Nor do they worry too much if it was in a different genre – unless it was very popular. I don’t think we are going to see too many books titled “Twilight” for the next few decades, for example, not even if in a totally different genre!

    As far as I know, you can’t copyright a title, although I have no doubt that the big guys have tried – (has Disney, for example maybe?)

  6. Ah, thanks for the insight :D!

    I suppose that it is better to create a unique title, then you’ll stand out *g*. I’ve noticed that here, in the UK anyway, there have been quite a few books released with the title ‘Blood Ties’ LOL.

    Btw I particularly like the titles ‘Stormquest’ and ‘Stormseeker’ :). But I still like ‘Rogue Rainlord’ and ‘Stormshifter’ LOL 😀


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