More from Longbeach….

1. So you thought writing on a movie set would be glamorous, eh? When I got bored, I did some work on Stormseeker.

2. When a hotel room was being booked for my daughter, she was asked if she’d like the Queen Mary. Now, she’s the kind of person who get’s seasick jumping a puddle, so she said no.
3. So instead we stayed in the Renaissance – this was the view from our window.
4. I eventually found my way to the beach. I’ve decided that one reason I am not enamoured by L.A. beaches, is that the sand is such a yucky colour. Sort of nondescript brown. Give me those brilliant white sands of West Australian beaches any day…


More from Longbeach…. — 2 Comments

  1. For wh ite beaches you have to go to the Texas panhandle, so I’m told. In North Carolina we had gold beaches.

    I think you should pop up to Canada whilst you are doing all this gallivanting around in North America.

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