It’s the middle of the night…

And I am at Changi airport, Singapore. My flight out in the morning has been cancelled so my 7 hour layover will be longer than expected. I won’t know til the counter opens at 4.30 a.m. what time I get to fly out. (There’s always something goes wrong with a travelling Noramly) I should be grateful, I suppose, that at least this time I didn’t miss the plane, but at this hour of the night it is hard to be anything but grumpy.

I actually had to go to the same counter at LAX United terminal (for paper tickets) that caused me to miss my flight to Denver. On that occasion, I waited 3 hours just to get to the check-in counter where there were only 2 people on duty. This time they had about 6 people, and there was no queue at all. Of course, I had allowed 3 hours and had that much extra time to hang around and do nothing at LAX.

Yeah, I know, stop complaining, Glenda. You’ve had a wonderful 2 month trip – Worldcon, looking after grandson, seeing daughters, camping at Virginia Beach, trip to Yosemite and San Francisco. (Er, don’t ask about writing though. I really, really have to get down to work now.)Here’s another photo of Borderlands. Wooden bookshelves and flooring, carpets, great staff, books, books, books, great homey atmosphere and a Sphinx cat. What more could you ask? If you visit San Francisco, pay it a visit. Wish I had a bookstore like this down the street…


It’s the middle of the night… — 5 Comments

  1. I assume your husband is the Noramly. I have a solution, get divorced and just live together, that way the Noramly luck in travel won’t “get yer”.

  2. Glenda, I have a theory about buses that probably applies to planes as well: if I am early, the bus will be late; if I am late, the bus will be early.

    I hope you’re home now, safe and sound.

  3. Dang, the noramly travel gremlin again. Must be frustrating when it’s only one more hour in the air to reach KLIA and you have to hang around half the day waiting for it. But travelling the world is still a wonder. 🙂

  4. Jo – my sons-in-law said they were affected. All it takes is to be in the company of a Noramly. My husbands’s staff at the UN always said that if you wanted to arrive with your luggage, never travel with the boss…

    Yep, that’s it, Satima.

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