If you haven’t been to Charlottesville, Virginia, you are missing a treat. It is one lovely university town. Last weekend we went up into the hills to pick apples, and the view from there shows just how the large town conceals itself in vegetation…Those hills on the other side of the valley are the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the next valley over is the Shenandoah.
If you look very carefully at the bottom photo you will see a number of black spots in the sky – these were Turkey Vultures circling on the thermals.

Tomorrow tune in for a post on writing a query letter…with a successful example and lots of links.


Charlottesville — 2 Comments

  1. I have never seen turkey vultures although I have seen dozens of red tailed hawks circling for food. An unusual sight for you.

    How well I know the Blue Ridge Mountains, we have travelled them many times, having lived in North Carolina for 12 years, it was right on our back doorstep as it were.

    Originally I started this by saying “food Ru, food” couldn’t resist adding it.

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