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Grandson started going back to pre-school yesterday. I was too sick to do anything, but today I start working again in all seriousness.

On July 13th, my word count was 100,000, or 55% of the supposed total of Book 2 of the Random Rain cycle. I’ve actually done quite a bit of writing work since then: another rewrite of Book One, and another draft of those first 100,000 words of Book Two, working through it from beginning to end. And to give you an idea of what happens between draft one and draft two, here’s the new word count for Book Two. And remember, I probably cut a couple of thousand words out too.

So now it’s back to serious work. From next week, I have a clear four to five hours a day…


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  1. Gee, I’m sorry you’re still crook, Glenda. (Ru and Jo, that’s another Australianism – rhymes with chook!) You are a trooper for forging on regardless. May your devotion to dury be rewarded!

  2. Yes, funny isn’t it? Wherever you go you will find Aussies. When I was in the States there were four Aussies on staff where I worked, out of a total of 25. And in England there were always one or two Aussies on staff, too. Israelis, too, are ubiquitous. with Germans and Scandinavians not far behind. I wonder why?

  3. On staff where Satima?

    I don’t know about other races, but I certainly came across dozens of Aussies in London plus a few from NZ too. All working there for a while before they headed on to another country. I guess they are just very adventurous.

    My first T’ai chi teacher was pretty adventurous, she spent a couple of years in South America teaching and she was in her late 50s then. But then look at Glenda, she moves around one heck of a lot.

  4. Jo, in the States I was on staff at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA for 18 months. In the UK I was working in hospitality, first in Devon and later in Braemar, Scotland. I was in my fifties then. It’s quite surprising how many adventurous older women there are on the road. Many, like me, didn’t get chance to do it in their teens or twenties so they do it in their fifties, sixties or even seventies instead.

    I’ve only come across the occasional Irish traveller, Glenda. Maybe they are more prevalent in Europe. A lot of travellers never make it down here to Oz because it’s so far from everything else – unless you live in Malaysia or Indonesia!

    And it’s funny – there’s an Aussie class division in regard to travel, too. Hippies and working class types go to Asia, as a rule, whereas the middle-class types head for Europe:-)(Don’t let anyone tell you Oz doesn’t have a class system. It has, and always has had, ever since the free settlers looked down on the convicts.)

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