Virginia Beach

Today was the first long day in charge of 4 yr old grandson all day. Can anyone tell me how a 4 yr old can still be energetically running around at 8 o’clock at night – without a nap all day – while grandma was ready to give up about 3 p.m.? Experience versus youth, and guess what, youth wins. Sigh.

We went camping in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Here’s some photos of the camp site in the lovely First Landing State Park on the coastal forest/dune vegetation (oak trees; and Chesapeake Beach just after dawn. Being me, I was interested in the birds (terns, gulls, willets, plovers, pelicans, sandpipers, cormorants and a snapped Osprey overhead.)

The afternoon on Sunday I spent writing at the picnic table in camp while the others went to the beach. I was visited by blue jays and cardinals, grackles and robins and mocking birds and this squirrel peering at me…


Virginia Beach — 6 Comments

  1. hello !
    looks just fine over there !

    You are a quick sniper at pictures ! i keep on missing birds ! What are the nice trees ? i like their branching way !

  2. Don’t know boat tailed Grackles Ru? Don’t they occur in England? Must admit I am not up on English birds although Matt used to know lots about them. We used to get lots of them in NC and they drove us crazy because they would chase off all the other birds.

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