The reason we went to Virginia Beach

…was to attend the Polynesian Culture Association’s festival of music and dance, in which Daughter No 1 was participating.
In the pix below, the three children of 3 of the dancers (that’s grandson in the middle) suddenly realised that was Mum up on the stage and wanted acknowledgement, which was rather cute.

That night, sitting around the campfire talking, I discovered that two of the drummers were fantasy readers and staunch members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, so I am now fascinated by the idea of attending the huge Pennsic which was 14,000 or so participants.
Wow. that makes the SF Worldcon look minute. One day. Maybe.


The reason we went to Virginia Beach — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, gosh – that reminds me of a time when I was in a show and some TV people were there filming a bit for a news item. My four year old, who was very dependant, hung onto the edge of the stage on tiptoe for the whole time. Of course, the camera kept going back to his anxious, awed little face, with the result that for months afterwards people were stopping me in the street and saying, “Oh, that’s the cute little boy who was on television!” No mention of the show or his mum’s dancing!

    The Polynesian show looks such fun. What clever daughters you have!

  2. Never appear with children or animals, they say, and it looks as though it holds true for photos as well:-) It would be nice to crop it to just the mother and son if it could be done; that is if that’s Mum smiling down at the littlie.

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