Planned villainy – or how to freak out your dad

We have been chatting about villains on the comment section of the last blog post. And coming down on the side of a more nuanced villain rather than the totally dark evil overlord type.

I think 4-year-old grandson has also been giving the matter some thought.

Yesterday, a series of misbehaviours led him to being given a serious time-out in his bedroom. As his dad marched him upstairs, lad protested indignantly, “Daddy, you are ruining my plan!”

Dad, taken aback, asks, “What plan?”

Son replies, with perfect 4 year-old seriousness, “My plan to be bad until I’m five!”


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  1. Your grandson seems to be particularly intellectually advanced. Who ever heard of a four year old making “a plan” – he sounds like a wonderful kid.

  2. I think it’s supposed to be a stuffed teddy. I’ve always imagined it to be a teddy from one of enid blyton’s books…only it’s gone a little mad.

  3. There are a lot of writers visiting Ted – although Gynie is an artist, she probably has the same problems. I think it is that we know the frustrations and sympathise. We all have that “I’ll show ’em!” mentality that goes with being a writer – and so does your bear.

  4. haha! I guess that’s true. Never thought of it that way.

    By the by, there’s another version of that bear on my blog. He’s got the same spirit as well.

    (Sorry for the plug, Glenda!)

  5. He looks like a somewhat aggressive Pooh to me. Didn’t remember Enid Blyton having any bears. I remember Pooh, Rupert and of course Paddington. As I am very friendly with the Paddington Bear family, I am naturally very pro that particular bear.

    My Son-in-law has started a new blog, it will contain lots of his bird drawings and pictures. Do go look. The link is on my blog page

  6. Oops I guess I should say sorry too for plugging both myself and Mike. Its just that I want everyone to read his blog. He is a struggling young artist and deserves a bit of recognition IMHOP.

  7. I think the teddies are in blyton’s books for 5-year-olds. I haven’t read (or even seen) the book in a while, but if i remember correctly, it was about a child’s playtoys coming alive at night. The toys included a ragdoll, a gollywog, toy soldiers… that sort of thing.

    Hmm… I’m surprised I remember this! I don’t even LIKE enid blyton!

    Have dropped by both blogs, Jo.

  8. Thanks Ted, appreciate it.

    I can’t say I remember that Enid Blyton story at all. The one I remember most was a Children’s version of the Canterbury Tales which I thought was very good when I was a kid. Not sure if I still have it, will have to check it out.

  9. You’re both welcome. One of these days I am going to get a blogroll up here. I am so lazy when it comes to doing stuff like that. It’s about all I can do to write a blog post…

    Your son-in-law is very talented, Jo.

  10. We think so Glenda, but admit to being somewhat biased. Have you ever looked at his website, also linked on my page. Even with a family discount I can’t buy everything I would like to, but we have a stack of prints in our home.

    With everything you do, I’m surprised you have time to write a blog, I am very impressed that you manage to write so often.

  11. Glenda, does your Grandson know Jenny Fallon’s Grandson? If not, for the future well-being of the planet, they should NEVER meet *grin*.

  12. Joanna – I am never going to introduce Dylan to Dace, I promise you. Anarchy of a truly remarkable kind would ensue.

  13. that is nice to present me as an artist but the chicken in me need a real exhibition for that first ^^

    yes this bear inspire me some willing , some involving acts or something of the kind.

    ça donne envie de retrousser les manches et de se mettre au travail, it’s motivating to work !

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