Los Angeles…

I am in Los Angeles!

Not too bad a flight, if you exclude 9 hours sleepless in Singapore, and then having to crawl all over a luggage cart on the tarmac in the middle of the night because my luggage was supposedly a matter of a security problem and had to be searched (long story – after all, you can’t possibly think Glenda could go anywhere without being Noramlyed somewhere along the line, could you? It was actually all a minor problem concerning a wrongly entered computer code, but somehow simple things have a way of escalating where one of the Noramly family is concerned and the luggage guys received a garbled message and…never mind).

To make up for all that, I was upgraded to economy plus (bless you, United) and had a lovely flight. Actually managed to sleep. And I had nothing to do with the lady 2 seats away who had to carried off by the paramedics in L.A., honest.

So here I am in L.A.! Met by daughter No. 2, on schedule.
Staying with her in Echo Park (yes, the Echo Park). Fly out to Denver tomorrow…


Los Angeles… — 6 Comments

  1. Now if you were a crime fic writer, we might suspect you of testing out one of your plot ideas on the lady two seats away … heheh.

    Does United’s Economy Plus deal include complimentary Bombay Sapphire? 🙂

  2. Do they even serve Bombay Sapphire on planes? It is fairly expensive in the States. If you want that as your tipple you have to come to Canada. Matt drinks it all the time (no I don’t mean he’s an alcoholic).

    Sorry you were Noramlyed Glenda, but do hope you enjoy your visit.

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