In my garden

Orchids, gingers, ferns and bees…

The bird’s nest fern on the stand is a big problem for us at the moment, because wild honey bees have built a nest in the stand.


In my garden — 7 Comments

  1. Are those bees dangerous ? my grand dad used to help them at winter time and said they were not if not disturbed .

    Is the last picture an orchid ?

  2. The orchids are dendrobium sp, and I rather think they are so inbred as to be useless to bees! The next is the native Zinziber spectabile (ginger). Then the local bird’s nest fern. The final pix, Gynie is a Costus sp – used to be classified with gingers, but now has its own family.

  3. Beautiful plants, so very different to anything I ever see. Clever girls recognizing orchids, I didn’t. Do plants like coffee and plantains grow in Malaysia Glenda?

  4. So do roses – and I found it so strange to see them in Malaysia (even though we grow plants from other parts of the world in our garden … I know, it’s a double standard).

    But I don’t remember seeing that beautiful orchid when I was there.

  5. It was there, it just wan’t flowering. That’s the thing with orchids – they are not pretty plants until they flower.

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