Getting your priorities right

{I’ve decided to put the post on overwriting up on my blog – when I finish it}

In the meantime, it’s wonderful to know that the authorities over in Kelantan State have their priorities right in the fight for justice. In this world of increasing crime and rising prices, of incompetent contractors, of people who steal the metal manhole covers and endanger our lives, of violence and corruption, rape, child murder by paedophiles – the authorities home straight in on dastardly crime and criminals who devastate the – um, well, let me see.

Er, just who was the victim again? Just who suffered from their crime? Er, what was the crime?

Never mind, it doesn’t matter. I am sure that we will all sleep more soundly knowing that 4 transvestites are now in jail for 7 days, after paying fines of $1000 rm and pleading guilty to (dare I mention it?) the heinous crime of crossdressing.
Oh, and one wonders just how some of these desperadoes (there are actually 16 of them; the others have not appeared in court yet) are going to pay their fines. At least one is being sacked or suspended from his government job.

Really impressive, you enforcement guys over there in Kelantan. Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done, keeping the world safe from the attack of the sarong and evening gown.

Next time I’m over there, I shall wear my shirt and trousers and lace-up shoes. I’ll borrow a tie from my husband. Will you arrest me too?


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  1. You know what Glenda, you should stand for the next election. Or don’t they allow women in government in Malaysia? This situation would be ridiculed by a lot of the western world, but I guess most of us in the western world wouldn’t hear about it.

    Don’t try dressing in tie and pants, I would hate to hear of you in clink.

  2. The attack of the sarong and the evening gown. LOL! Sounds like a gay sci-fi B-movie.

    There are a lot of women (and a few cross-dressers) here on the rock who ought to be arrested for exhibiting heinous dress sense in a public place, but that’s rather different.

    Seriously though, it seems as though Courts the world over are losing whatever sense of rational perspective they once had. 🙁

  3. Just like how sodomy is illegal here, eh?

    When an MP (if I recall correctly) actually says that something must be done to curb the rampant spread of the gay/transvestite ‘lifestyle’ in Malaysia, you know that something is very wrong with the mindset here.

    As if we gays, pre-gayness (so to speak), sit around and suddenly decide, “gee, I feel like living a gay lifestyle!” Ditto for transvestites.

    I don’t think this country will evolve away from such irrationality anytime soon.

    Not to get political, but why is it that no one stops to ask, “is sodomy actually such an unnatural, terrible thing?” in light of the sodomy accusation that is being used to take down a politician?

    It seems that the authorities in our country are among the best in policing our morals and values, but are powerless against crimes such as snatch thefts, violence, rape, and such.

    Cross-dressing, it seems to me, should be the least of their concerns… or even none of their concern.

  4. Exactly Gynie – and one way wants to dictate what the other does. More than that, even, they want to criminalize something which is a personal choice, totally harmless to anyone else. They even want to make sure that people who dress differently can’t hold a normal job. (And then they complain when many are forced to turn to prostitution or entertainment industries.)

    They never look inward to see who is at fault.

    The odd thing in all this, btw, is that when I first came here, it was a very tolerant society, with a live and let live attitude. Sure, these things were probably still illegal on the statute books, but everyone turned a blind eye. Now, however, with increased emphasis on the importance of a religious lifestyle, tolerance has flown out the window to be replaced by something much, much nastier and far less pious. We have become better educated – and less wise.

  5. And the Guardians of Islam in Malaysia keep reassuring everyone that their religion gives equality to EVERYONE, that it’s the best in the world. Pah!

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