Blaze Halfbreed — 5 Comments

  1. Actually I think that is one of the better renditions of Blaze that I have seen, although as ru says, that is a very big sword.

  2. I envisaged Blaze as less skinny, I will admit. But I love the idea that someone liked her enough to make the drawing. I so like the internet.

  3. Maybe a little more “buxomness” would be good, but I thought a lot of the covers were like underdressed dolly birds, and not a bit like Blaze as I imagined her. Not that I think a lot of cover art anyway. How often is a dark haired heroine portrayed as a blonde and vice versa, or an animal of one kind is quite a different one on the cover

  4. How lovely to be able to draw your favourite characters! Ms Raven should be proud of herself. Maybe she has a future as a fantasy illustrator!

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