The Shadow of Tyr : “intense and refreshing fantasy “

Another 4 out of 5 star review, this from Rhian Drinkwater at SFX Magazine in the UK (Jan 2008).

Here are some of the nice things said:

The Shadow of Tyr …stands up successfully as a story in its own right. It tells the tale of Ligea Gayed, a woman with powerful magical ability who is trying to end slavery and bring down an empire, and of her son Arrant, who’s born into the middle of a war and turmoil and who simply – and heartbreakingly – wants his parents to be parents and warriors or kings.

“It’s this frustrated desire that provides the driving force of the climax of the book, and though the major plot points are war, rebellion, death and strategy, it’s the intense emotions of the main players that really shine through.”

The Shadow of Tyr is not for those looking for bloody depictions of war, but for those more interested in the emotional costs of rebellions and politics, it’s a well-written and satisfying read.”


The Shadow of Tyr : “intense and refreshing fantasy “ — 6 Comments

  1. If I were a reviewer, that’s just what I would have said. I loved both the books in this trilogy and am looking forward to the third.

  2. Well done you! From what I recall, for a Fantasy author to get a favourable review from SFX is actually quite a challenge (unless your name is David Gemmell, hem hem).

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