Bedtime for Toys

Remember that name, folk. They are going places.

Of course, I am a bit biased. That’s our Nashii there…the one with the blue-green guitar. (She’s described as a bass tigress, Malaysia’s finest export!).

And Rolling Stone has just declared the best 25 bands on MySpace (there are over 1,700 to choose from) – and guess what, Bedtime for Toys was among them.

Their MySpace webpage is here.
You can listen to them there.
And you can vote for them in the Battle of the Bands here.

Go listen and then you’ll be able to say you heard them when they weren’t big time…


Bedtime for Toys — 4 Comments

  1. That’s some of the freshest music I’ve heard in a while. Do they have a CD out? I’ve since added them to my myspace and will definitely be voting for them in Battle of the Bands


  2. Sarah, no, not yet, although a very big record producer has shown some interest lately. Their tracks can be downloaded free from their myspace page.

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