So what’s next?

Book manuscript is submitted to UK and Oz publishers, awaiting the rejection or acceptance… so what’s next?

Well, firstly, there’s the clean-up-house project. A month away in Australia in March-April, preceded by several months of frantic manuscript rearrangement and polishing, plus writing a final work project paper, meant that the house has been neglected. [I share house with a lovely man … but one who has not quite managed, in spite of my propaganda campaign waged over many years of marriage, to divest himself of the Asian idea that major house chores of the spring cleaning variety are a woman’s domain…]

This kind of house neglect might not mean much in a temperate climate. In the tropics it’s an invitation for every kind of wildlife and plant form to take up residence, thank you very much.

So I have decided a major war on intruding flora and fauna and dust is in order to clear the way for the coming frontal assault on the next book, plus the next work project, all of which will be accompanied by another period of neglect.

No idea when the work project will start, but it could be very soon. And I am nervous about writing book 2 of a trilogy without a contract; I’ve never done that before because it is such a gamble. Writing one book and failing is all very well – just a year down the tubes – but writing a second book to follow it into oblivion is rather sticking one’s neck out. Better to try something else, one would think.

However, I have in fact already done quite a bit of Book 2, so I will continue and keep all fingers crossed (when I am not actually typing) that someone somewhere will love the story of a rogue rainlord who steals rain and thus mucks up a whole nation and begins a war – and that’s just for starters…

So here’s a look at the picometer status of Book 2 – which I am very provisionally calling Stormshifter.


So what’s next? — 6 Comments

  1. If I was a publisher I’d definately publish it! I just love the idea of someone who steals rain! And the title ‘Rogue Rainlord’ is quite evocative. Once again, it seems you have come up with a unique system of magic that can also create conflict. Huh, is it just me or do all the best fantasy authors come from Australia? There’s you, Jennifer Fallon, Trudi Canavan, Russell Kirkpatrick, Karen Miller… I love all your works!

  2. Stormshifter is a great title. I love it! I think RR is your best work to date, hands down — amazing scope and depth of concept.

    Elliott — thank you! Also, don’t call Russ an Aussie! He’ll hunt you down and throw sheep pellets at you. Mr K is a proud Kiwi … we just adopt him for ceremonial occasions. *g*

  3. Shiver Barrons is on its way to me at last. I do hope they print your Rogue Rainlord, sounds fascinating. I just caught up on several of your blogs at once, don’t envy you the house cleaning, something I hate. I did see some rocks which gave me a story idea, but that’s where it will end, I am no writer.

  4. I for one would read it, and buy it. I need to find out what happens and the stack of books I have ready for you to sign is only seven books deep.

    Fan boy Phill.

  5. Sorry, Russell, if you’re reading this!

    Your welcome, Karen. I love the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology and hope that there will be more tales of Lur! I am currently reading Empress; almost finished it, it’s fantastic!

  6. Yep, there’s something in the water downunder…or is it perhaps that when you live in Oz/NZ you have to escape to the imagination…? Lol…

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