Denvention – Denver 2008, here I come

Over on the Denvention3 webpage for the Denver Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention to be held this August), they have started to put up the bios of participants.

Oooo – I love this. All those great names: Lois McMaster Bujold is the Guest of Honour. Then there’s Carol Berg, David Brin, Joe Haldeman, Phyllis Eisenstein, Robert Silverberg, Jay Lake, Kay Kenyon, Nancy Kress, Robert Silverberg, Steve Miller, Sharon Lee…and so many more.

And me. Yes, me. See here. I feel like a mouse in the shadow of so many talented writers.

And seeing as I am feeling all nostalgic after yesterday’s post, here’s another dollop of nostalgia. A photo take of our family back in 1989 in Alice Springs. Selina, aged 17, had just learned that she had been accepted at Oxford University. Nashii, the one on the right (then known as Tasha!), was 14.


Denvention – Denver 2008, here I come — 7 Comments

  1. Hey Karen – won’t you be sitting next to me on the panel??

    Peter – or about to be eaten?

    Actually, my husband was asking me to hold it still while he took a photo. Only thing is, they have lots of spiky bits that hurt. Husband was so amused he took lots of photos of me with a pained expression instead…

  2. hi glenda. am very happy for you! the write up and photo is lovely

    am not sure how to email you (lost your address somehow) but would love to invite you to read at readings@seksan some time soon. could you email me first? sharonbakar at yahoo dot come

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