Here at Swancon

Photo: Rob Shearman talking to Elaine, Karen Miller.

Arrived safely in sunny Perth – over 30 celsius – and the city looks bright and clean-cut against that brilliant sky, just as it usually does. I get that feeling that I am home.

Karen Miller and I have done one helluva lot of talking ever since, even thought she is deep in the page proofs of book three (Hammer of God) of her latest trilogy, Godspeaker. Great to see her again.

She blew me away with something she did. I still can’t believe it. She’s dedicated her book 2 (The Riven Kingdom) to me (it’s already out in the shops. If you haven’t bought it, do so. Now. And read the dedication. What a great lady…)

Photo: Ken MacLeod and wife Carol

Last night was the pre-con dinner – a chance to meet the international guests: Ken MacLeod (author of such great sf books as “Newton’s Wake”) and Rob Shearman (writer for media – including a particularly brilliant Dr Who episode) , catch up with old friends…talk books, talk films and TV shows and. Well, just talk… What a great evening.


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  1. Glad to hear that you’re there and having a great time!

    I hadn’t noticed the dedication in my copy of “The Riven Kingdom”; for your other readers who haven’t yet got themselves one, it says:

    “For Glenda Larke, a great writer and even greater friend.”


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