A bargain if you live in Australia

If you live downunder, Feist’s “Wrath of a Mad God” is just released. If you drop into a Dymock’s bookshop, you should be able to get a real bargain – it is being wrapped together with “Heart of the Mirage“, at – I think – a two-for-the-price-of-one bargain.

So how about it? Go on, make me happy…and then make me happier still by buying the other two books in The Mirage Makers trilogy: The Shadow of Tyr and Song of the Shiver Barrens.

I don’t think you’ll regret it, honest.


A bargain if you live in Australia — 8 Comments

  1. I am having trouble getting Song of the Shiver Barons.I have the first two but don’t want to start them until I have that too.

  2. It’s not out in UK until May, Jo. You could get the Australian version on line, but it won’t match the ones you have.

  3. I have ordered it from Amazon.uk and, as you say, they won’t be shipping til the end of April they say. Maybe they get it earlier than the rest. Of course we are talking about Shiver Barrens, not Barons, don’t know what I was thinking about there.

  4. I dropped into the Brisbane inner city Dymocks this morning, to see how the special looked.

    What they have is lots of hardcover editions of Feist’s “Wrath of a Mad God” (normally $AUD50, their price $AUD40), with a smallish sticker on the each book that says something like “Ask for your free copy of Heart of the Mirage”. No mention of Glenda’s name, or that it’s the first in a trilogy…

    I was disappointed that it wasn’t physically wrapped with Feist’s book, and that there weren’t any copies of HotM on display (they had two copies in the usual place in the SF&F section). Presumably there’s a box or two behind the counter, but it’s a real shame it isn’t being given any additional visibility.

    I agree that it’s great that Dymocks are doing this at all, though. Maybe my expectations are too high.

  5. That’s rather disappointing, Jason. What’s the point of a marketing push if they don’t use it to advertise? I have asked other people in Oz to see what is happening in their Dymock’s stores, but no one has got back to me yet.

  6. I picked up Heart of the Mirage free with Wrath of a Mad God in Dymocks Sydney George St store. Same deal with the packaging just a sticker on Wrath of a Mad God, don’t think I’d have got a copy of Heart of the Mirage if I hadn’t asked when paying and insisted I was supposed to get a free book.

    I gave up on Wrath of a Mad God after four chapters, thought it was terrible. Loved your “free” book though, finishing the last chapter tonight, will be popping into the George St store tomorrow to buy the other two.

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