Today was electric shock torture day…

…I went for a nerve conduction test. Which basically means getting wired up to a machine and being shocked. Repeatedly.

Why? Because I have no feeling in part of my hand and 2 fingers. It has been like that for months, but I have had a hard time convincing doctors to take this seriously.

I have a feeling that time is now over.

The torture* revealed “near absence of left ulnar sensory action potentials” – which translated means (I think) pretty much what I have been saying for months. I can’t feel a damn thing in 2 fingers. Now I have to go for MRI to find out why I have “ulnar nerve palsy”. Good news is there’s nothing wrong with my motor strength. I just drop things cos I can’t feel them – and forget about typing with my little finger…

*Ok, so it was pretty mild, if kinda creepy.


Today was electric shock torture day… — 4 Comments

  1. None of these things are “funny” however mild they appear to be. Since my cold, which hasn’t disappeared yet, I have been deaf in one ear, not serious but… So you were very wise to press for treatment and diagnosis of your hand.

  2. I forgot to say, by the way, that I have just received the first two books of the Mirage Makers – not sure when and if I will get the third. I hope so. I am looking forward to them.

  3. So you can still control the two fingers, just can’t feel anything? Did you suddenly become aware of it a few months back, or was it more gradual?

    Sometimes the approach taken by doctors seems a little too impersonal. One could hope that they could test the same thing in a less traumatic way.

    Anyway, I hope it’s something that can be remedied!

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