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Remember this “before” pix, to the left? That was my new table that we didn’t know how to turn up the right way!

Well here are the “after” pix. As I have said elsewhere, I can write just about anywhere. But it is great to have one’s own room with all the appurtenances. Doesn’t make you a better writer, but it sure makes you a more comfortable one.
First “after” pix is the daytime view from the doorway.

Second is the view from my computer workspace.

Third is the view from the doorway at night.

Last pix is my computer work area.

I now have no excuse not to finish “Rogue Rainlord” have I?


A Writer’s Place — 9 Comments

  1. What a lovely room to work in! But somehow I still think of you writing on your laptop at the end of a wooden jetty, or in the middle of the jungle, or a children’s playground…

  2. Definitely looks too comfy and cosy.
    My mental image of you sitting on a log in the dripping jungle with a laptop on your knees has be cruelly shattered. *lol*

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