Denvention: worldcon Denver 2008

I have bought a membership of Denvention, the World Science Fiction convention of 2008. My first worldcon was in Glasgow, three years back, which I went to because my daughter was then living in Glasgow.

She is now living in L.A., and Denver is somewhere between L.A. and my other daughter in Virginia, and the con is at the right time of the year [just before I take on my August-September babysitting-grandson-duties], so it seemed fated I must go…

And not long now to Easter and the Australian Natcon where I am a guest.

They will be my only two cons this year.

See you there?
And some memories from Scotland: With author extraordinaire Trudi Canavan, and Donna Hanson (who will be my room mate again in 2008).

With Paul Ewins, self, Donna, Nashii (my daughter), Trudi, in the Orkneys.

Me giving a reading.

Photos by Trudi and Paul.


Denvention: worldcon Denver 2008 — 6 Comments

  1. In that first photo (with the three) is that really Trudi? Maybe it’s her daughter – the real Trudi is in the Orkney’s photo.

  2. To say I’m looking forward to it is a massive, massive understatement. And of course Swancon, where I get to revel in you being a special guest. And yay, I can thank Satima in person!

    All I can say is you better not get Noramleyed!


  3. Cheryl – yay!

    Yes, Peter – that’s Trudi with her arm around my shoulders. That’s also her with the cloak in the group. Unless she has a very secret life I don’t know about, there is no daughter…*g*

    Ru – try again.

    Satima – so am I and seeing you is a bonus I didn’t initially expect.

    Karen: Noramlyed or not, I am going to be at both.

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