Another cover

Getting a new cover is always a buzz.

Sometimes it’s also a surprise.

Here is my rugged no-nonsense intelligent swordswoman heroine Blaze Halfbreed from The Aware, Book 1 of The Isles of Glory, now called CLAIRVOYANTE, as seen by the artist for Jai Lu, the French edition trade paperback. Have no idea of the artist’s name as yet, as I haven’t seen the book and I pinched this photo from the French Amazon page.

But hey, look, my name’s bigger than the title…

Yeah, I know. I’m shallow. I love things like that.


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  1. Sorry, but that is not my mental image of Blaze. She would’t spend 3 hours at a hair stylist and slip on a mini-skirt before picking up her sword to do battle.

    If the cover attracts interest and sells books though, who am I to complain?

  2. Exactly, Peter. It’s not my image either. Good cover, wrong book.

    I suspect it might not be the final cover either – I find it hard to think that they would make the “Larke” so large and the “Clairvoyante” so small…

  3. Donna says…he it is better than a pole dancer and she is holding sword. So the translation of blaze is a literal…Your name is big though and readable…You should smile. Trade hey well done.

    Read on the French!

  4. Not my image of Blaze either. You specifically say, in The Aware, that she wears men’s clothing which is disapproved of by the Fellih. As for the size of your name, isn’t that when you have arrived, when the name is more prominent than the title. I am not sure Clairvoyante has anything to do with “Aware” anyway, however, vivent les Fran├žais

  5. I am puzzled about the name because this is the first time I am published in France, so I wouldn’t have thought my name means anything…not that I’m complaining, mind!!

  6. Reminds me of the artwork of Peter Andrew Jones – in particular the covers he did for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover novels back in the 1980s – it’s the cool Retro look.

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