Here’s a Christmas present for writers…

Actually it’s more a present that a disgruntled spouse should give to their writer partner. It’s called a demotivation calendar, designed to help you break the addiction.

A wall calendar taking a cynical look at what we do…
This is what the January page says:

You will never be this good. You’re not even Titus Andronicus good, much less Hamlet good…

February has a great pix of a library interior and the words:
INSPIRATION: the act of forgetting where you stole your ideas…

Here’s the website where you can buy it for the writer in your family who should be out earning good money doing something else.

Seriously, it’s rather fun and I wouldn’t mind having it on my wall. It would take more than that to demotivate me.


Here’s a Christmas present for writers… — 6 Comments

  1. As far as I am concerned, being good enough for Harlequin would be something. You might get bored with the sayings by the end of each month especially if they are designed to demotivate.

  2. Hi Glenda — I am a friend of Jo’s from Canada and she told me about your blog. You lead an interesting life which I suppose many have told you before now. I like the calender and I should really be buying myself one because I *demotivate* easily. I can actually say I am in that state again now. My blog is at: and as I live in Paris, I blog only about Paris, France and the French.


  3. I’m not sure Glenda knows who I am anyway Marilyn, I too have a blog at and I found you through some of the other bloggers and they were referred to me by Annalou in Australia. Long progression. I just found three of your books in my local library Glenda, I will leave it til after Christmas now as I am going to be away, but will read them next year.

  4. Jo, ask people to buy you your own copies of glenda’s books for christmas. Enjoyable for you, and it boosts glenda’s chances of getting another publishing contract if her books keep selling. 🙂

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