It is more usual on the last day of the year to look backwards, and contemplate the year past.

I am not going to do that. I want to look forward.
To all the good things ahead.

January: Another chance to win an Aurealis Best Fantasy Novel in the coming month. (Ok, I am not really expecting that one, but well, it’s nice to have a chance. And if I don’t, Jenny Fallon might, and that’s almost as good…)

February: French version of The Aware out – my first trade paperback, from J’ai Lu. It’s called La Clairvoyante.

March: Being a guest at a sff con. First time, and in my home city. Swancon/Australian Natcon, Easter. Perth. Be there. Seeing all my Oz friends/family. And a bit of down time with Karen Miller beforehand. Nice.

March-April: Wandering off with my sister around the wild southern coast of Australia, camping out under the stars … ah. That’s food for the soul.

May 1st: Song of the Shiver Barrens out in the UK.

August: Worldcon, Denver, USA. My first US con. Sharing a room with pal Donna. First time in Colarado. Yay on all counts.

August, or maybe July. Or sometime in 2008 anyway. A very special wedding of someone close to my heart. Maybe in Hawaii.

August-September: Looking after gorgeous grandson over in Virginia.

The rest of the year is still up for grabs…but I reckon it’s looking pretty good from here.

How about you all?

Anyway, Happy 2008!!!!


2008 — 7 Comments

  1. 2008? Um, cooking lunch for a family friend on New Year’s Day … and that’s it so far! 😀 Have a very happy new year, glenda, and best of luck for Aurealis!

  2. I should be at Worldcon, and I live near Virginia; other than that, I don’t think I’ll be at any of your other 2008 events. Oh, wait…that’s not what you meant! 😉

    Kendall (feeling silly)

  3. Ru, enjoy your “makan”…

    Thanks, Karen Anon – and the same to you. Hope you get those books done…

    Kendall – you’re going to Worldcon? We will have to meet up. Dunno about the “close to” Virginia, though …lol.

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