TM and TMnet hate me

TMnet is the name of my IP which supposedly provides internet connection. I haven’t worked out what the “IP” actually does stand for in the real world, but it is not internet provider, not on a permanent basis. They provide occasionally. Funny thing is that the bill always arrives on time, nonetheless, they never forget that.

TM is the name of the company that (supposedly) provides me with a phone line. I have not had a dial tone since Sunday, and complaints in this world seem to be ignored.

So sorry, everyone, I have been in a cyber black hole.


TM and TMnet hate me — 4 Comments

  1. You must have had some really Bad Techie Karma catch up with you lately, Glenda! I hope the phase passes soon – or you find a new provider!

  2. Yes, it is Peter, alas. only one in this country, but YAY I am back on line again now. Only took them 5 days…

    SAtima – I get broadband today or tomorrow, so lets see what happens to that…

  3. I thought you were on broadband all this while?

    Looks like you have been hit by the TM Net blues…why doesn’t it surprise me though…

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