Reader review and a webcam warning…

Some readers write reviews that I love, not because they are full of praise, but because they make me think about my own work. And I learn things.
There is one such reader review here of The Aware and Gilfeather. But beware; there are a stack of spoilers, although she does signal them.

And I learned today that you really have to be careful with webcams. My laptop has one incorporated into the lid, which on default points at me. I was talking online when someone else walked into my bedroom, in a state of considerable undress.

Fortunately, her sister was at the other end of Skype, and was alone at the time…

Progress on Drouthlord:

Completed number of words:

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154,757 / 180,000

Completed revision:

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Reader review and a webcam warning… — 4 Comments

  1. That is a lovely review, Glenda, especially since readers who give you such detailed comments are rare. Mostly, if people tell you that one thing in the novel worked better for them than another thing, and you ask them why, they go *shrug* dunno, which – as a writer – doesn’t really teach you all that much.

  2. Yes, good review, interesting comments. Will take note of the webcam warning…but on to more important stuff – is the tiger story true?? I have checked your blog three times today, I really MUST know *grin*!!

  3. Wow, the books really set the reviewer thinking, didn’t they? She really went into a lot of depth there. And you get a spot of Freud thrown in, too.

    Oh, I really, really wanted the tiger story to be true. My day is ruined:-(

  4. I think setting a reader thinking – even if they end up disagreeing with you or the way you have written something – is a huge compliment for a writer.

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