Black widow in the kitchen

Sorry, didn’t take a photo. Son-in-law was too busy killing it.
New one for me, dangling on a line from the kitchen cupboard on its way to the floor, right out in the open…

Sometimes even an environmentalist is happy to see wildlife corpses. Live and let live? Sure, just not in our kitchen.

I have no spider phobia even though I was brought up on a farm that had poisonous red-backed spiders in every corner (not usually lethal, though) and my Dad was bitten several times. But somehow, there is a bit of a ring to the name: Black Widow Spider. Hmm.

Malaysia has a few spiders that can give nasty bites, and there is one that is called the Bird-eating Spider, and yes, I have seen several photos of them actually trapping birds in the web and killing them.

I remember trying to gently coax a humungous huntsman spider out of the door, back in Malaysia. The thing was as big as my hand. I was successful, sort of. Big Mama ran out, but not before she left behind hundreds of the little babies she had been carrying with her – and for the next six months we had a plague of the things…inside.


Black widow in the kitchen — 1 Comment

  1. We have boring brown house spiders, but loads of colourful spiders in the garden that love to spin their webs across pathways and gaps between bushes where I walk.

    When I was a child we had a book wih a photograph of a bird-eating spider that really used to freak me out. Icko.

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