Perth super-sized…

It’s the 10th of August. It was also the 10th of August yesterday.

I never really understand how these things can happen, but it has something to do with time displacement distortion caused by being crammed into too small a place behind a little hinged table watching dreadful movies with a soundtrack distorted through earphones that never work properly, all while eating food that all tastes the same – like cardboard with sauce – no matter what it looks like.

And doing that for about 19 hours, on top of spending 12 hours in a wide variety of airports. Which definitely adds up to more than 24 hours. And yet it’s still the same day.

To add to my confusion, I am in Los Angeles. And the darn place looks just like my original home town of Perth, West Australia, except L.A. has been super-sized.

The climate is the same. The trees look the same. The flowers look the same. The houses look the same. The streets look the same. The shops look the same. The beach sand looks a bit yellower here (it’s white in Perth). Downtown L.A. is not as pretty as Perth, though…

And everything is just…more.

I think I am falling asleep. Thirty-one-hour days and airplanes and sore hips don’t seem conducive to a good night’s shut-eye.


Perth super-sized… — 4 Comments

  1. Jetlag’s the pits, Glenda, and I hope you’ll get things back together soon enough to enjoy the time with your grandson. My recent trip to Europe cost me two weeks – one each end – of recovery time. One of the fun things about getting older, I suspect:-(

  2. Hm, no Bombay Sapphire and no good in-flight movies? Poor glenda, you need to choose another airline – or tell the airline you flew with exactly what you thought of the shortcomings of their service compared to the competition. When in LA, do as the um, Romans do?

    But at least you gained a day to lose, if you take my meaning. :o)

  3. I can remember my first time flying from Sydney to LA and walking out of the terminal five minutes before I checked in! And that was with a short stopover in Hawaii!

    However, if you return the way you came you will lose a day so the trick is to keep on going east and then you get younger *grin*.

    Have fun in LA and keep clear of the freeways (believe me, you get places much quicker staying OFF the freeways than ON).


  4. Glad to hear you’ve arrived in one piece! Hope the last leg to the family spread goes okay … and have a wonderful, wonderful time!


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