On being three.

Something more cheerful today. Yesterday was SO not good. [The car is costing me $RM1,000 today…]

A photo from my grandson’s 3rd birthday in Virginia, with his parents. And in just under a month, I will be seeing them all again. Yay!


On being three. — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful son of beautiful parents. :o)

    But I have to ask … is that the special princess dress he’s wearing again? Or even a new one??

    Maybe grandma can train his feminine side to be a tomboy. :o)

  2. Actually, it was an “undersea” party. One of the little girls arrived in a mermaid costume with a tail, which she promptly took off to go swimming in the paddling pool.

    And guess what. Dylan wore it for the rest of the party… This kid definitely has a thing for female fashion.

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