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Exploring Malaysia on this avitourism project was tremendous fun, even if I did lose pints of blood to leeches and ruin two pairs of trekking shoes and a pair of sandals, not to mention my knees. Trouble is, after the fun bit ends, you have a project paper to write. A huge project paper, sort of along the the lines of a BFF*. Ok, well maybe not that big, but still.

As I am sick of entering birding tour itineraries (for people who have WAAAAY more money than I have) into a database on a Sunday afternoon, I shall proceed to play with that lovely word-counting thingimijig. As this can’t be of interest to anyone but me, you can stop reading now.

This is for Drouthlord, first book of the Random Rain Quartet.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
147,000 / 180,000

Wow, its 81% DONE.
Nah – it lies in its wormy bronze teeth…

As I had not looked at it since 2002, I am going through it rewriting as I go. And if you look at how much I have done of that, the little thingymijig doesn’t look so healthy…

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,002 / 180,000

Does anyone but the author concerned really want to know all this?

*Big Fat Fantasy


Counting words — 7 Comments

  1. Does anyone but the author concerned really want to know all this?

    Nah! *grin* But go ahead and post them. Everyone is posting them. It’s a pretty good way of keeping on track. Besides, it’s interesting to see various writers’ working pace. At least I think so.

  2. Well, I love yours Karen, cos it means I can keep track of how long before I get the next episode!

    Be a while before I really get stuck into this book, though. My darned life keeps on intruding.

  3. Life is what gets in the way when you’re trying to do something else.

    Of course we’re interested in word counts, and progress on next Larke masterpiece – like kids counting down the days to Christmas (or, in my sister’s case, counting the number of ‘sleeps’ left until my mom’s next visit). 🙂

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