A walk in Poring

I am trying to catch up on all the things that need doing after being so long away- in the field, at the con, etc. I answered about 70 emails yesterday, and I am still not finished.

Anyway, here’s some more photos from my project-work trip: Poring Hot Springs area, which is part of Kinabalu Park.

One of the lovely things about the rainforest is the contrast – you go from being overwhelmed by the grandeur to being enraptured by the perfection of the tiny…


  • Some of the accommodation
  • We set off up one of the trails: waterfalls and streams…
  • Distance view, framed by wild banana and wild ginger – far below we can see our starting point at the Poring Pk HQ
  • Poring means bamboo in the local language, and there are huge bamboo forests here, interspersed with strangler fig trees…
  • Resting on the buttress of a fig tree on our way up one of the hill trails
  • Mushroom
  • A piece of walking fungus…no, actually an insect, viewed from above
  • Same insect, side view


A walk in Poring — 5 Comments

  1. That’s an insect?! I find ‘walking fungus’ easier to believe. 😉 How large was the insect? Do you know what it’s called? Very weird, like an alien.

  2. About as big as a finger nail…no, I don’t know what it is called, although I have seen them several times.

  3. Looking at your splendid pictures made me feel a bit homesick. *sigh*
    But thanks for the lovely views and fascinating details.

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