Up on the rainforest canopy, or: Who has a head for heights?

I love canopy walkways.
And the best one I have found is this one at Danum Rainforest Lodge in Sabah. It wends its way through the canopy at different levels, and was designed by an 82 year-old Filipino engineer…

It has the best birding of any canopy walkway I have found – in fact, on my second visit, I never got past the second tree, I was having so much fun. I birded up there with a guy from Sydney until it was too dark to see any more. Nuthatches, broadbills, woodpeckers, sunbirds, leafbirds, hornbills, woodshrikes, barbets, with a pitta and a partridge calling underneath … Fabulous.


Up on the rainforest canopy, or: Who has a head for heights? — 3 Comments

  1. Those look like seriously tall tualang/mengaris trees 🙂

    Would be quite an experience to actually spend the night and awaken to the dawn, right up there.

    I used to spend time at the Pasoh forest reserve canopy walkway, and I know what a nice experience that is; you get to see all kinds of birdlife and squirrels.

  2. The walkway looks great fun. But doesn’t it startle the birds that you’re watching fairly ‘openly’ from there?

  3. Coolio, one of the nicest things about the Danum one is that you can go there alone, any time. I’ve never come across that before.

    Hrugaar – they think we must be birds?? Lol. Habituated, I guess.

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