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Today, when I drove up to the pay-booth of the underground parking garage at the supermarket, the lass at the desk said, ‘Oo, Aunty so strong, lah. Old age, still drive everywhere!”

Ok, so that will teach me to leave the house without make up and with my hair desperately in need of a hairdresser…

Actually I started to laugh and drove into the carpark, giggling nonstop, wondering what she would have said if she could have seen me two weeks back, with a backpack containing everything I needed for three days, trekking my way through the Mulu National Park in a pair of worn out shoes with the uppers no longer attached to the soles.

I can actually tell you what she would have thought. She would have thought I was crazy. In traditional Asian eyes, old people are expected to stay home and look after the grandkids, and adjective “old” starts to get prefixed to any noun designating you at around 55.

Hmm, is that why elder daughter has asked me to come to Charlottesville and look after grandson during the summer closing of the daycare centre?


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  1. Something similar happened to me yesterday. I was visiting my very frail 84 year old mother in hospital. Mum looks nearer ninety at the moment, while I, who may be deluding myself, think I only look my age. Then one of the nurses asked if we were sisters! I don’t know if I look much older than my age or Mum looks much younger. After reconsideration (and bearing in mind the hysterical laughter of the other patients who all rushed to explain the relationship)I think the girl must be blind.

  2. Well, don’t forget in the Asian context, it could be a compliment – you know, age, wisdom, all that…that’s what I tell myself anyway!

  3. At least, unlike the now Countess of Wessex, you didn’t have the paparazzi lurking to grab a photo the moment you popped out your front door without make-up.

    Could be that elder daughter wants you to advise your grandson on how to accessorise with that pretty princess dress of his. ;oP

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