Bird Race

I’m off tomorrow to the bird race in Fraser’s Hill.

Well, actually it’s not a bird race, it’s a people-racing- after-birds race. Which is about as stupid as human beings get – and therefore is lots of fun. The birds are wild, and the winning team sees more bird species than other teams.

And how do you know the winning team doesn’t cheat? You don’t. Which is also pretty stupid. But who cares? If people want to cheat they will, and generally everyone knows it because they don’t do it very intelligently, so they are the ones who end up looking silly.

Actually I am not racing, I am going with my colleagues to snaffle a lot of birders and get them to fill in questionnaires for the project I am working on. Which will also be fun because I like talking to birders.

And the pix here are from my husband who wants to show off his gingers, photographed during the recent Titiwangsa Range Expedition. I didn’t go because I was at the SFF convention in Oz, having fun while he was getting wet. I believe it rained. A lot.


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  1. An activity for the birds! I can only watch wild ducks, swans, geese, Eurasian coots (no, I’m not calling anyone names) and Great Crested Grebes here in Switzerland.
    I’ve a blog entry titled “Feathered friends flock together” (yeah, lame, I know).
    Am a temporarily transplanted Malaysian. Hi, Glenda.

    Would your husband have names for the gorgeous-amazing ginger flowers?

  2. Lol, Hrugaar! (At his age, one stops thinking about showing off, and starts covering up…)

    Argus Lou – Enjoy your transplanting. We lived in Austria for 6 years and loved every minute. I remember the first time we drove to Switzerland – and stopped to ask directions in German from two men at the roadside. One replied in Schweitzerdeutsch, and I couldn’t understand a word. I must have looked blank, because the second man then translated into standard German so I could comprehend!

    The ginger names are down in the labels section of the post.

  3. Mea culpa – Hrugaar is a man!

    Schweizer Deutsch is the funniest sounding language I’ve come across (advance apology to any Swiss tuning in, ya?) – I mean why did they change the pronunciation of so many Deutsch words? E.g. Liebe (love) is pronounced lee-ber in high German; why change it to ‘lee-ay-bee’? It’s beyond my ken. 😉

    *slaps forehead* Ah, the labels at the bottom! My hills are not alive with the sounds of Swiss-German.
    Love the Latin names though the last one looks rather like an orchid.

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