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Nice writerly things happening at the moment. Just had a long chat with my HarperCollins Voyager editor, which is always great. [I get literarily-deprived over here in Sabah sometimes, if you’ll forgive the pun, so talking to someone in the business is always wonderful.] She has re-read Song of the Shiver Barrens, and is happy with all the last minute changes I made.

The copy edit for that same book has just been delivered to my door, and I am neck deep in that. [Have you any idea how humungous a 160,000 word book is when it is in A4 sheets, double-spaced courier font?? I had to move my workspace from the writing desk to the dining room table…]

And my agent has sent me a email saying how much she LOVES the synopsis/book proposal for The Random Rain Quartet. Yay!

Pix: Roots on a forest path, Tawau Hills Park, Sabah.
Or, if you are a fantasy author/reader, something quite different…long live the imagination!


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  1. Ha! You should see it when it’s 195,000 words! *g*

    Very pleased to hear all is going so well. Mind you, I’m not the least surprised to hear La Editrix loved your rewrite. You know every crossable appendage I have is crossed for the next project to take off big time, right?

  2. For my last two books we didn’t use a humungous printout, just emailed a Word document back and forth. Saved the postman’s arms, and maybe a few trees.

    Pleased the synopsis was so well received. :o)

  3. Yes, we do that mostly now, too, Hrugaar. But the copy edit always comes back in a hard copy, and I send it back that way too, even though I put the changes into the digital copy as well.

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