Special Moments

This is my week apparently for feedback from authors … people who don’t know me but have come across my work.

And it’s a strange feeling. You see, I have spent the better part of life feeling rather ordinary, like most of us do, I guess. And along the way, I have admired certain people who are in the public eye, to one degree or another. Not too many politicians among them, I will admit, but there have been many, many writers.

I’ve admired their work, their creations, their ideas, their values, their talent. And as far as I have been concerned, they were out there in the stratosphere somewhere, about as far away as you could get from me. I admired from afar and read their books, but funnily enough it never occurred to me that they would read mine.

So when Kate Elliott , author of many wonderful fantasies that I’ve avidly read and admired for so many different reasons, says on a team blog named Deep Genre :

Glenda, I meant to mention some weeks ago that I am a total fangirl after reading your Aware trilogy… It’s fabulous. I loved it.

…well, I was just bowled over. This was Kate Elliott, talking about MY books. In public. Oh, wow. All I’d done was leave a comment on a blogpost re manuscript submission, and that was the last thing I expected.

Kate Elliott, I think you are wonderful.

I have to go and sit down now.

Pix (taken a while back):

A writer’s life. The temptation is that pair of flippers and the coral reef in the bay – and the reality is the deadline.

Back to my copy edit.


Special Moments — 3 Comments

  1. Again, praise well deserved. You are a remarkable writer and storyteller, and clearly other writers admire you for it. :o)

    … and then we secretly panic, it’s so tough to compete with your originality! Eep!

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