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  1. Grim, isn’t it?

    Then again, what might also be illuminating (and probably equally as depressing) is to see how much the publishers are making out of all those book sales – how much the employees earn, and how much the fat-cat shareholders rake in.

  2. I know editors are overworked and underpaid. The guys at the top are another matter, for sure.

    I think we writers are probably our own worst enemy – we are so desperate to be published, we’ll take just about anything. We know there are all those talented youngsters coming up behind us, who would take even less…

    Too much talent out there, too much uncertainty about where the book trade is going, no union and not enough readers who pay money for what they read.

  3. Probably, Quiet Storm – but what does blogroll mean? Ok, I know I have just demonstrated my total lack of with-it-ness here…

    Love that pix of Genesis on your site btw. Where is it from?

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