Song of the Shiver Barrens

Oh, I meant to add on previous post…wait for the drum roll…I have sent off the corrected MS for Book 3 of The Mirage Makers, “Song of the Shiver Barrens”. It should now go to the copy editor.

The sequence for writing a book is like this:

  • “Finish” MS.
  • Realise it is far from finished.
  • Repeat above two steps 20 or so times.
  • Send to beta readers for comment.
  • “Finish” MS all over again after taking on beta reader comments.
  • Send to main editor and my agent.
  • Be informed that your MS is far from finished by said editor and agent.
  • “Finish” MS all over again, based on their suggestions.
  • Send off to main editor…(Step taken today)
  • …who might then send it to copy editor…
  • …who sends it back covered in pencil marks and question marks. And questions like, ‘Did you know you’ve used the word “sigh” or “sighed” 221 times? Would you perhaps like to alter this?’
  • “Finish” Ms all over again by taking on board 98% of copy edit suggestions (I have a very good copy editor).
  • Send back to main editor.
  • Receive phone call from editor who wants to change some more stuff. Agree with editor. (I’m very tactful.)
  • Receive galley proofs and realise that you weren’t finished after all.
  • Make corrections to proofs and send back.
  • Receive finished book.
  • Decline to read it ever again.

All this is then followed by:

  • Cowering at home waiting (largely in vain) for …
  1. great reviews,
  2. favourable reader comments on internet,
  3. ecstatic fan mail,
  4. wonderful sales rankings from books stores,
  5. glorious sales figures from publisher,
  6. expensive champagne from publisher because you’ve just sold 500,000 copies…
  7. record-breaking new contract for next book.

And some of you think writing is glamorous???


Song of the Shiver Barrens — 9 Comments

  1. Do you have the same copy editor each time? Just wondering. And are you ever at home long enough to cower? ;oP

    Well done for meeting the latest deadline though. :o)

    Love the Drat et al., Satima. Heh.

  2. I’m excited already! =D

    Trust me Glenda, you’re doing a lot better than Isobelle Carmody who’s currently writing two series, of which she’s taken seven years to release a new one.

    I eagerly await the next installment (I’ve nothing to read now – finished Shadow of Tyr yesterday and tried desperately not to cry on a train full of commuters)

  3. Hrugaar – yes, since I joined HC Oz stable, I have had the same one. She has since won a contract of her own with HC and I am terrified she will give up being a copy editor…

    I think I met F and sons, Satima. They were plaguing me something terrible during the writing of this book.

    Sarah…I must admit I was quite miserable at the end of Shadow of Tyr too. Does that make you feel any better??

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